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Wake2Wake Watersports partners with Bath Harbor Marina

Bath Harbor Marina, located on the coast of North Carolina, has recently announced an exciting new partnership with Wake2Wake Watersports, a popular water sports company. This collaboration is set to bring new opportunities and experiences for visitors and locals alike, making Bath Harbor Marina an even more attractive destination for those who enjoy water sports.

The partnership between Bath Harbor Marina and Wake2Wake Watersports aims to enhance the boating

and water sports experience for all visitors. Wake2Wake Watersports is well known for providing top-quality water sports equipment, including wakeboards, water skis, and tubes, as well as providing expert instruction for beginners or those looking to improve their skills.

Visitors to Bath Harbor Marina can now rent or purchase Wake2Wake Watersports’ equipment and receive personalized coaching from experienced instructors, allowing them to enjoy the best possible water sports experience. The marina’s staff is also trained in handling and operating the equipment, so visitors can feel confident and safe when out on the water.

In addition to renting equipment, Wake2Wake Watersports will also be hosting events and clinics at Bath Harbor Marina, including wakeboarding summer camps and private instruction. These events will be open to the public, and visitors will have the opportunity to watch the competitions and learn from the experts.

The partnership between Bath Harbor Marina and Wake2Wake Watersports is a great example of how local businesses can work together to create unique and exciting experiences for their customers. It’s also a testament to the growing popularity of water sports in North Cariolina, and the importance of providing high-quality equipment and instruction to visitors.

Bath Harbor Marina is already a popular destination for boaters, but with this new partnership, it’s sure to become even more so. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the combination of Bath Harbor Marina’s beautiful location and Wake2Wake Watersports’ top-quality equipment and instruction is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. So, come visit Bath Harbor Marina and get ready to hit the water!


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